Blogging The Ameriquest Mortgage Superbowl XXXIX Halftime Show

From the desktop of your average American Superbowl viewer.

AND NOW … BUILDING BRIDGES ACROSS TIME AND AROUND THE WORLD … I hope it’s Kelly Clarkson! PAUL MCCARTNEY! Damn. I mean, darn. This is pretty lame. Where’s his cock ring? He’s not even lip synching. A Guns ‘N Roses cover. RAWK. I like how he keeps saying ‘Thank You Superbowl!’ as if it were a city. Fireworks are cool. They should’ve brought Danger Mouse out for this one. Yay — ‘Hey Jude.’ R.I.P. Julian Lennon. What, he’s still alive? I hope they show the commercial with the monkeys again. Either one.”

Here’s some beatmixed Beatles that rivals anything by the GHP guys.
DJ Zebra – “Come Closer” (Beatles VS NIN)

What’d you guys think of the show/game/commercials?