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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

For about five minutes near the beginning of the week, I was thinking that I’d limit this week’s list to Christmas-themed videos, but then the only Christmas-themed videos I saw all week were the Killers clip below and this ridiculous Dropkick Murphys thing. It’s just as well, really, since some truly captivating videos did eventually pop up. Still, step your Christmas game up, everyone. If Dipset can do it, so can you.

5. Katy B – “Got Paid” (Feat. Wiley) (Dir. ?)

A fun fact about me: I fall hard for any piece of art that depicts the moment where you’ve been busting your ass all week and it just occurs to you that it’s Friday night and you’re about to go get slammered and have an amazing time. I’d like this video better if Katy B was actually in it, since Katy B has a magical face, but it’s still a lot of fun even without her. London is a fun place to get slammered. (I haven’t been there since I was 17, and I can still attest to this.)

4. The Killers – “I Feel It In My Bones” (Dir. Roboshobo)

It’s not exactly a Silent Night, Deadly Night-level inversion, but I enjoy this video’s violent unstable dirtbag biker vision of Santa Claus almost as much as I enjoy the way Roboshobo has lit this video so that it looks almost exactly like a Billy Idol clip from 1985. The billowing clouds of dry ice don’t hurt.

3. Sigur Rós – “Leaning Towards Solace” (Dir. Floria Sigismondi)

Elle Fanning is by far the superior Fanning, John Hawkes is one of the greatest character actors working today, and this bit of sunburnt art-film ridiculousness is the prettiest and most weirdly stirring bit of complete nonsense you’re likely to see this week. That ending annoyed and moved me at the same time, if that makes even the tiniest little bit of sense.

2. M83 – “Wait” (Dir. Fleur & Manu)

Even more epic and profound silliness, this time with 2001-style Grand Mysteries of Life and portentous use of manta rays. God bless the Creators Project for shoveling enough money to make grandly goofy visions like this one possible.

1. Earl Sweatshirt – “Chum” (Dir. Hiro Murai)

He didn’t direct it himself or anything, but this still feels like a trip inside the dark, dirty psyche of a confused and angry and improbably wise kid who also happens to be one of the greatest rappers on this planet Earth. Also: Giant frogs!