Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

‘Sup, pogs! This week we revealed our top 50 albums of the year, ranked the Mountain Goats discography, deconstructed life after chillwave, chose the Clash’s ten best songs, and reviewed new releases from Scott Walker and Beck. We also wished good luck to Frank Ocean and bid goodbye to Das Racist. After the jump, the best and worst responses you guys had to all of this exciting online content.


#10 Tom Breihan | Dec 3rd Score:31

The first year Spin ran a best-albums list was 1990, and its #1 was Ice Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

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#9 scruffy | Dec 3rd Score:32

Luda had a 2012 album?!?!

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Tim Curtin | Dec 5th Score:33

it’s somehow become fashionable to praise kitsch amongst art

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#7 adddo | Dec 6th Score:34

#1 – Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

“In many ways Bob Dylan is the greatest rapper of all time…”

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#6 scruffy | Dec 3rd Score:34

Am I the only person not participating in the indie-community Taylor Swift circle jerk?

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#5 Captain Boring of the S.S. Shut Up | Dec 5th Score:36

Finally…A list with John Mayer on it!

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#4 plb102 | Dec 5th Score:36

As the one regular commentor who doesn’t have their own blog I haven’t posted a top ten albums of the year list anywhere. I don’t want to bore you guys with it if most of you don’t care so I’ll check back in a few hours and if this comment gets to a plus 5 I will come up with something(I’ve already put some thought into it) and post a list.

(potential for the lowest rated comment ever here)

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#3 Michael_ | Dec 6th Score:37

“If you’re having list-making problems, I feel bad for you, son — we got 50 great hip-hop songs but Noreaga ain’t one.” – Rolling Stone

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#2 honlads | Dec 5th Score:38

Or you could spell it “Father John Misty – Fear Fun”. Think it’s a regional thing…

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Max Del Giudice | Dec 5th Score:65

oh i see her now thanks

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#5 copy_paster_cat | Dec 3rd Score:-10

I’m with you with all of these records. Sharon Van Etten is something that I can play in the background, that never really captures my attention. I only notice it when it’s finished. Frank Ocean… there’s so much already said about it so I will abstain. I’m just not sure why anyone is rating this so high. It’s terrible. The production is bad, his voice is bad, the lyrics are bad, and it’s just bad. overrated p4k garbage. And I guess that coming out thing two weeks before the release of the album turned out pretty good for his label. $$$$$$$$

Let the downvotes begin…

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#4 copy_paster_cat | Dec 6th Score:-11

Dull. As. Fuck. as well as other Tumblr-core bands (Purity Ring or some other hip shit). However, I like their Neil Young cover but only because it was only memorable song on the album and it was first in the tracklist. Your argument maybe would be “Listen to it LATE at night while DRIVING A CAR BLAH BLAH BLAH it’s so atmospheric you should FEEL it’, erm, I don’t have a car and not plan to and I want to enjoy music simply sitting in my room listening to it. Don’t think that I am some contrarian dumbass, I like a handful of albums from this year… Frank Ocean and Chromatics just not in that list.

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#3 copy_paster_cat | Dec 6th Score:-12

I reckon many hip kids will seriously stop listening to him right now because Frank is becoming a household name…. He is too popular for them after that last straw. But seriously, he always was Top 40 staple – guy wrote songs for Justin Bieber and the likes, So, okay…

A few mildly enjoyable tunes, and interesting concepts like the instrumentation on the track “Pyramids”. However, the flaws on this album outweigh the parts I liked. The lyrics are generally quite cheesy, very similar to his chart pop counterparts like Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars and Jay Sean. What stands out above all problems is how difficult it is to take any of Ocean’s messages seriously. It’s not worth my time sitting through almost an hour of generic R&B, trying to like it just because it’s Frank Ocean and because even The Wire put him on their album of the years list as well as every other music publication i nexistence. Bye, Frank, we’re on a different roads…

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#2 bhoyo67 | Dec 3rd Score:-13

The Fiona Apple album is as dull as Sharon Van Dreary. And Frank Ocean? Do me a favour. What a load of overhyped bollocks.

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Alex Sobel | Dec 5th Score:-14

At least for this list, instead of insisting that a specific website or magazine is stupid for putting certain albums in certain places, we just get to call each other stupid for voting for the wrong things.

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donnytilla | Dec 4th Score:0

i think it should now be changed to “wild watwere the kings’ n dumbs’ posts o’ da week” at least for this week because that’s pretty good and I just came up with it. think about it.

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JaggerT | 1:43pm Score:1

Do you want to punch me?=Best question

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