SSION – “Psy-Chic” Video

Over the years, KC genre (and gender) experimenter Cody Crichteloe aka SSION has amassed some impressive video directing/producing credits — for the likes of Santigold (“Big Mouth“), Peaches, Gossip, and CSS — alongside a steady output of his own outré-pop creations. This year he released an LP called Bent, and some wonderfully bizarre clips to go with it — “My Love Grows In The Dark,” “Earthquake,” and “Feelz Good Forever.” To close out 2012, Cody’s got one more straight from Bent, possibly the most most amusing and best yet: “Psy-Chic,” a largely animated/green-screened affair in which every frame could conceivably be a compelling video still image. It stars two duetting Codys (dapper and slicked suited crooner; mop-topped devilish doppleganger), a cute dog, and a flurry of ridiculous ideas and jokes which give an outsider’s bend to the otherwise simple, straight synth-pop hook. (The verses, on the other hand, are not so straight: “I want to be your brother / I want to give you head.”) Good clean fun:

SSION’s “Psy-Chic” appears on the Bent LP, out via Dovecote.

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