Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk” Video

This video is really adorable, casting this year’s British soul phenom Jessie Ware as a sweet little kid in the studio. It’s particularly apropos since Jessie possesses some childlike affability and charm, something we know from her live U.S. debut at the risque little venue called The Box down near the Bowery. There, she was everything: forceful, passionate, and pro-grade vocally, with a slick backing band, and of course all of those year-beating songs from her treasure of a debut LP Devotion. She’s a cheeky charmer. Between those modernized R&B tracks of aspirational, good, and complex love came a lot of unfiltered and giddy banter, some of which was totally gracious and endearing and silly, like the talk of her sister’s “nicked” dildo, and her love for Woody Allen and the Girls cast and Katy Perry, and some of which was news-making: “Fuck Big Pun!” she said during “110%” for, as she told the crowd, his estate denying her sample of “carving my initials on your forehead” in that track. “110%” itself was a reference to Pun’s “100%,” so now the sample’s removed, and the song title’s changed to “If You’re Never Gonna Move.” Ware has an EP due next year, and it’s name’s been changed from 110% to If You’re Never Gonna Move, too. Drama, yes, but I love that she just laid it all out, rather good naturedly, during her intimate little live intro to NYC. It was either canny headline making, or uncoached and confessional spontaneity elicited by comfort and/or nervousness with the crowd; either way, combined with her talent and writing, this spells very good things for her coming year.

ANYWAY, the buoyant “Sweet Talk” is one of the tracks to be included on that EP, and as I said at the head, the ingratiatingly cute kid playing Jessie in the studio may as well be Ware’s spirit animal. Directed by Joel Wilson, it’s a sharp turn from her previous clips, and you can watch it below.

Devotion is out. It is one of our Top 5 Albums Of The Year.