Rancid – “Fuck You”

Veteran Berkeley punkers Rancid are, quite simply, my favorite band of all time. If the ninth-grade me hadn’t stumbled across them, I would be a very different and possibly dead person. Rancid’s last album, the pretty-great Let The Dominoes Fall, is now three and a half years old, so I am deeply amped about the existence of a new Rancid song. It’s called “Fuck You” (I can’t believe there hasn’t already been a Rancid song called “Fuck You”), and it’s a riotously simple blast of euphorically angry singalong stupidity. It’s great. Use the widget below to stream or download it.

(via Punknews)

If there’s a new Rancid album coming in 2012, it is already automatically my most-anticipated album of 2012.

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