The Apples In Stereo Return To Colbert With Nothing New To Play

As Stephen likes to say, he’s been a fan of the Apples In Stereo since way back when they were the Apples In Mono. Or at least, since way back to when Robert Schneider penned and performed the very special song “Stephen, Stephen” for the Colbert/Decemberists Guitarmageddon extravaganza. Yesterday the Apples returned to Stephen’s little studio, ostensibly to celebrate “the release of the Japanese picture disc of ‘Stephen, Stephen,'” but really to promote an album that came out so long ago who’s with me.

They look great and all, but you say “Can You Feel It,” I say “Can You Believe They’re Still Promoting New Magnetic Wonder“? Well, maybe a year and a half after you put out a track’s video isn’t that long a time to wait for a live performance of it.

That’s not true. It actually is a long time to wait. Seriously. That’s my point.