Azealia Banks – “No Problems” & Angel Haze – “Shut The Fuck Up”

There was no fan on the flames of the battle between Harlem spit-fire Azealia Banks and NYC-via-Virginia rapper Angel Haze over the weekend. On Friday, Banks and frequent collaborator Machinedrum dropped “No Problems,” a response track to Haze’s “On The Edge.” While the spat has primarily been relegated to Twitter and SoundCloud — Haze followed up with a super straightforward cut called “Shut The Fuck Up” — and solely between the two of them, it was not long before others got involved. This is where it gets prickly. Celeb gossip jabberjaw Perez Hilton, a former avid fan of Banks and current champion of Haze — because obviously there is no room to like two female rappers at the same time — decided to enter the fray and in her frustration, Banks called him a homophobic epithet that turned the Internet on its head. Her tongue-lashing prompted rumors that she had been dropped from Interscope (she hasn’t) and inspired LGBT organization to publicly call her out from her language choices. The feud has since seemed to float into the ether. Listen to “No Problems” and “Shut The Fuck Up” below, but hopefully these are the last dis tracks we hear from either of them.