Jeff Hanson – “Night”

Jeff Hanson’s third album Madam Owl comes out on Kill Rock Stars in a couple weeks (8/19). We have the gorgeous, soaring, stringed opener “Night” in this week’s Drop. Like the rest of the collection, it mixes Hanson’s unmistakable falsetto with a baroque, inventive instrumentation that recalls Jeremy Enigk’s Return of the Frog Queen, but goes into its own world entirely. We asked Hanson about what goes on at “Night.”

Can you explain the inspiration/story/narrative behind “Night”?
It’s really just a mix of thoughts about being alone during the day while everyone’s around, and it feels off … then having the very same feeling at night but being totally comfortable with it. What I might think while wandering around at night is what i decided to write down in this song.

Why is “night” all “we” have?
It seems to be the best time for me, in a day that is.

Have you since learned how the streets turn?
No, unfortunately i have not.

What happens then?
I need to get a map.

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