Watch Ben Gibbard, Ted Leo, Aimee Mann & Jon Wurster Play Colbert

Last night, Ben “Bucket Of Laughs” Gibbard served as the latest in a long line of musicians to sit for interviews with Stephen Colbert, and the interview went as awkwardly as they usually do. Two thirds of the way in, there’s an extended joke about how utterly uninteresting a human being Gibbard is. He has no interests! But Gibbard managed to rescue things with a performance of “Bigger Than Love,” the Aimee Mann duet from his solo album Former Lives, with an all-star band that featured Mann, Ted Leo, and Mountain Goats/Superchunk cut-up drummer Jon Wurster. As an online bonus, he also played a solo acoustic version of “I’m Building A Fire.” Watch the interview and both performances below.

Former Lives is out now on Barsuk. I like how Colbert snuck in the plug for Mann’s album instead of Gibbard’s at the end.