Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – “Lanzarote”

Norway’s Lindstrøm and Todd Terje link up for gauzy, disco-tinged track “Lanzarote.” The two have plans this year to tour together after a history of solos gigs to “try something new after many years of travelling alone.” The union is years in the making — in a recent interview with Resident Advisor, the pair said “Lanzarote” has been brewing for a few years:

“Lanzarote” started about two years ago during a rehearsal for an Oslo gig with the two of us plus diskJokke playing live. It was just a few chords and a beat, but we quite liked that ’80s way of doing it; not being afraid of the major chords. Don’t let the major scare you.

diskJokke does not appear on the original track, but Lindstøm and Terje let him take it for a spin with his own remix. Check out both below.