Album Of The Year, Grammy Stizz

This year’s Grammys (Sunday @ 8pm on CBS) are sure to be another major yawn, but I’ll watch it anyway. Maybe Gretchen Wilson will have a nip slip.

As I’ve written before, the only Grammy win I ever remember is Album Of The Year. Here are the current standings at

Alicia Keys Diary Of Alicia Keys +200
Usher Confessions +120
Ray Charles & Various Artists Genius Loves Company -110
Green Day American Idiot +550
Kanye West The College Dropout +1000

I like dead blind dudes as much as the next blogger, but Ray’s album is hardly genius. I’d like to see the statue in Green Day’s hands, but I won’t hold my geek stink breath. In the meantime, check out the comeback trio’s grand plans as revealed in last week’s Entertainment Weekly:

BILLIE JOE: Punk sometimes has this defeatist attitude where you can’t expand. I look at a band like U2 that started out more or less as a punk band but kept expanding and wound up being one of the biggest bands in the world. And I think it’s okay to want that.
MIKE: We saw the Rolling Stones a year and a half ago … and it was a fuckin’ great show. It was awesome. You could tell they were jelling, it just clicked. When I saw that, I was just like, “That’s where I want to be.”
TRE: That’s how long we wanna take this shit.

Green Day, the next U2? Just spare us the giant lemon.

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