Meyhem Lauren – “The Laurenovich Angle (Fuck Pitchfork)”

Last month, the Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren released his thundering, funny-as-hell Mandatory Brunch Meetings mixtape, and I liked it a lot. Pitchfork did not agree. Earlier this week, critic Jonah Bromwich dropped a 5.2 on it and called it mediocre and lacking in personality. Lauren, evidently tremendously frustrated, immediately recorded a song refuting the reviews different points and generally blasting the shit out of the site. As a former Pitchfork writer, a song like this would’ve once made me all defensive, but now it’s just funny: “A pitchfork’s a devilish tool! We don’t use those!” And maybe it’s not the best idea to call out a prominent music-review website, but I’ll take this over Joey Bada$$ bragging, in song form, about performing on Fallon. Listen to the track at Nah Right.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t get that “Kelly Kapowski” was about cocaine either, though I’m not sure Bromwich even recognized the name as a Saved By The Bell character. Also, just think how much more virulent this song would be if Lauren had waited long enough to see Ian Cohen panning Free Energy this morning.