Vampire Weekend – “Arms” (Live)

We’ve got confirmation that Vampire Weekend’s third LP is complete (see artwork above) and set to be released on 5/7 (5/6 in the UK), and we’ve heard one song from the album (“Unbelievers,” which the band played on Kimmel), and now: another. Whether “Arms” will appear on LP3 remains to be seen (though I’d bet heavily on it), but the band played the song at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, and we’ve got audio of the performance via VW blog Team Vampire Weekend. I don’t notice any major aesthetic overhauls here; sounds like Ezra is still listening to Graceland pretty regularly, and the Afrobeat rhythms have been a staple of VW’s sound since LP1. Still, a smooth, expansive, gorgeous sound, which is why one listens to Vampire Weekend in the first place, no? Check it out for yourself.

[Via Team Vampire Weekend]