Frank Ocean Brawls With Chris Brown At LA Studio

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into it on Sunday night at Westlake Studio in Los Angeles, allegedly over a parking space. I’m going to go ahead and assume that this has been brewing for a little while, since the two have already been at odds before. Last June, Brown tweeted that he was into Ocean’s music and that it reminded him of James Fauntleroy, a songwriter for many R&B acts, including Brown’s ex/possibly current girlfriend Rihanna. I don’t know why that irked Ocean, it’s possible it was because of a past fracas between Brown and Tyler, the Creator, or that Ocean is just the kind of guy who says what’s on his mind — and considering the emotional transparency in his lyrics, he is probably that kind of guy — but Ocean shot back with an immaculate one-two punch, comparing Brown to Sisqo and Ike Turner. Brown called Odd Future small time and warned that the entire Wolf Gang should be prepared to go to war if they ever meet, which seems to be what happened yesterday. Honestly, I don’t know who I’d be afraid of more. With Brown, I’ve seen the photos. With Odd Future, I’ve seen physicality. But here’s the difference, when I saw a member of Odd Future who I won’t name punch a dude it was after he had repeatedly told this guy that he needed to stop the unwarranted touching of a girl in the audience, announcing “I will literally dropkick any of you that touch girls who do not want to be touched.”

The LAPD has not commented on the incident. According to TMZ, the whole thing started when Brown went to shake Ocean’s hand and one of Ocean’s friends ignited what turned into a brawl. On Twitter, Ocean claimed that he was jumped by Brown and his friends, wishing that his dog Everest was there. Currently, neither party are pressing charges. Brown is technically still on probation for the felony charges from assaulting Rihanna in February 2009. There has been no mention of whether or not this will be investigated further by the LA Department of Probation but if a website can send Chief Keef to jail, then maybe Ocean can finally send Brown.