Watch Merchandise Play New Song “Winter’s Dream” At Stereogum Unmuted

Last week Stereogum brought Tampa post-punks Merchandise to Los Angeles’ Sonos Studio for a free show as part of SPIN Music Group’s Unmuted series. In addition to revisiting songs from last year’s excellent Children Of Desire, the group (now performing with a drummer) played a couple of songs from the forthcoming Totale Night: “Anxiety’s Door” and “Winter’s Dream.” We heard a studio stream of the former earlier this month. The woozy and foreboding “Winter’s Dream” was not on the Web until now. Check out live performances of that and “Worthless Apology,” enhanced by a projection of the Brothers Quay’s Institute Benjamenta behind the band.

Check out Merchandise’s tour itinerary here. Totale Night is out in March on Night People.

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