Watch The Flaming Lips’ Hyundai Commercial

Not to sound like a square, but there’s something about Wayne Coyne — especially his prowess for hanging out with “Brush My Teeth With A Bottle Of Jack” Ke$ha and overexposing Erykah Badu’s sister without permission — that screams Don’t Let Kids Hang Out With The Flaming Lips. And yet, in this Hyundai commercial, running around a natural history museum, car chases and all, he seems like the perfect Uncle Wayne. The commercial — which will air during this Sunday’s Harbaugh Bowl — is soundtracked by the sunny bumblegum song “Sun Blows Up Today” and if that is actually what the cast of this clip is preparing for, I think they’ve done a pretty nice job of filling a day with fun before the earth goes dark. Check it out at Billboard.