Bob Mould – “Star Machine” Video

Bob Mould’s terrific 2012 album Silver Age opens with three flawless tracks — “Star Machine,” the title track, and “The Descent” — none of which are especially lighthearted, but now two of them have been paired with genuinely funny videos. “The Descent” vid featured Bob as a corporate-drone-turned-off-the-gridster; the new “Star Machine” clip finds Mould’s band participating in the First Annual Bring Your Kids To Work Day — except that drummer Jon Wurster has just received some devastating news: Karen wants a divorce. In real life, that would be some seriously harrowing shit to deal with, but Wurster gets to play it for (legit) laughs, getting an ill-advised perm in the process. Check it out.

The SIlver Age is out now via Merge.

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