Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we Deconstructed the festival industry and the postage hike’s impact on indie. We talked with Robyn Hitchcock, Waxahatchee, Autre Ne Veut, and Brendan Benson. We listed the 10 weirdest Prince crafts and the 10 best OutKast songs. We heard new songs from the Strokes, Iron And Wine, and Depeche Mode. But as exciting as all that was, we never got a new MBV LP. Maybe next week. While you wait, check out the highest and lowest rated comments of the past seven days…



Andrew Burr | Jan 30th Score:29

Oh. Actually it was the UPS. My bad. Sorry USPS, are we still bros?

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#9 vibribbon | Jan 25th Score:29

“my best friend’s a butcher and he’s on my dick”
“stella was a diver and she was always on my dick”

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#8 Cerebus | Jan 31st Score:32

Aaahaahahahahahaahaha! No.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jan 25th Score:33

I know right? Wu-Tang, Dinosaur Jr, Dead Can Dance, Grimes, Father John Misty, Thee Oh Sees, Jessie Ware, Cloud Nothings, Smith Westerns, JEFF The Brotherhood.

Fuck those guys, am I right?

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John French | Jan 31st Score:35

No Spottieottiedopaliscious?!? GTFO the internet.

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#5 Rex Manning Day | Jan 28th Score:37

Sending Chris Brown to jail is probably the only thing Frank Ocean could do that would make the internet love him even more.

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#4 scruffy | Jan 28th Score:54

I don’t see how forcing A$AP Rocky into retirement will help Chris Brown’s career.

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:62

chris brown was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:64

and then frank was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:67

and then rihanna was just like

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Bobbles Wobblecat | Jan 28th Score:-11

courtney love is better than any annoying nirvana fanatic. fact.

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Felipe Llorens | Jan 25th Score:-11

Franz Ferdinand sucks.

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Rob Casper | Jan 25th Score:-12

dude a double album? WOW! NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

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Tim Curtin | Jan 25th Score:-13

both of your comments here got a bunch of up-votes but imo, your joke wasn’t remotely funny (and i don’t even like the Mars Volta) and your Grinderman comment was just plain bitchy

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Jadran Kovr?avi | Jan 25th Score:-38

Somebody is trying to win “worst comment” of the week.

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Shawn Reed | Jan 30th Score:11

I’ve been involved with underground/indie music for 15+ years playing in bands, touring, running a label etc. and this situation is very serious and could have wide reaching effects way beyond just the music industry. The post office isn’t falling apart because it isn’t needed or not functional its simply because of private interest and the Bush law:, in that law there are rules that don’t let USPS change or diversify to stay more relevant with the times. That law was created by private interest to destroy a public service guaranteed in our constitution so that those private interest could make more money at the expense of the public having to pay more because they cooked the situation unfairly.
UPS and Fed EX want USPS gone so they don’t have to stay honest, USPS isn’t a monopoly but it is a checks and balance related to postage rates and thus keeps Fed Ex and UPS honest. USPS is a public service it doesn’t exist purely for profit as UPS and Fed Ex do. If USPS goes away the price on everything literally all shipping will dramatically go up because Fed Ex and UPS won’t have to adjust to USPS cheaper prices. USPS gets you the cheapest rate because they only have to sustain they don’t have to exist to generate the large profits. The point is USPS is being pushed out so there can be a monopoly.
Those of you who think that digital alone can support the music and media industry in general biggest to smallest you are wrong. Ask anybody who was around in a band, running a record or book store, or putting out music in the 90?s even if the industry is more sustainable now. Its not record labels big to small are sweating it even without the calamity of the postal situation. The internet is a wide network with vast resources of access and information but the economy of the internet isn’t fully hashed out honestly related to it being a non physical place inhabited by physical beings. The internet can’t be the only economy simply because we don’t live inside of it. Institutions big and small in the industry have already died out from Virgin Mega Store (actually supported a lot of indie labels and distributors) to historic labels like Touch and Go. Those things happen but you will see it happen on a mass scale if the postal service and especially media mail goes away. The prices will go up so much the amount of people who can still afford to buy goods won’t be enough to sustain the industry (bands, labels, manufactures, distros, PR, press, etc)
This USPS situation effects stores just as much as it effects labels directly, this is an economy, its like an Eco system, it trickles down and spreads out. This effects all those Ebay and Discogs sellers, book stores, etc. If you like variety if you like a lot of options, lots of music, new music, weird music, fresh ideas, the end of USPS would dramatically effect the amount real art and music being made in the world. If Amazon is the only option on the horizon for mail order goods that seems pretty scary honestly, because not everyone has the ability or access to work with Amazon. Do you want Wal Mart to be your only option for your groceries, clothes etc, its a very similar situation. I personally like my information and art to come from the democratized sources of the many not just the one.

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whatisabadger | Jan 30th Score:1

p.s. the register of his voice that you’re talking about in the first line is vocal fry:


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