Download My Bloody Valentine m b v

My Bloody Valentine - M B V

Download My Bloody Valentine m b v

My Bloody Valentine - M B V

There was some teeth to Kevin Shields’s promises after all: Tonight, My Bloody Valentine unleash their first new album in over 20 years, the followup to 1991’s seminal shoegazer masterpiece Loveless.

They posted to Facebook (it is fun to visualize them crowding around a MacBook to post): “The album is now live on” The servers are slammed to the point of paralysis — we’ve waited 21 years, and according to their error message we still haven’t earned the “credentials” to access it — but we can share this much: It’s called m b v. And it actually exists. For now, feel free to liveblog your listening experience, family-style, and stoke the envy of everyone getting that 403 error. By Monday, we’ll dig in together. New MBV album is here! 2013 we did it y’all.

UPDATE: Some details…

1. “she found now”
2. “only tomorrow”
3. “who sees you”
4. “is this and yes”
5. “if i am”
6. “new you”
7. “in another way”
8. “nothing is”
9. “wonder 2″

The album is available in three formats:
180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
CD + digital download of your choice
digital download of your choice

The digital download will be available in the following file types:
16bit 44.1 K WAV file (cd quality)
320kbps MP3
24bit 96 K WAV file

The price of the digital download only is the same regardless of the file quality and size.

The vinyl has been recorded, mixed and mastered in analogue. It is manufactured on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.

The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve.

The vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork that will be attached to your download.

UPDATE: Stream the album below.

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