LCD Soundsytem Take Disco On The Road

James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney are going on a DJ tour this summer, bringing the real heart and “outlaw spirit” of disco to select cities in the States and the UK as part of the 26-date, three month Special Disco Version. The press release is pretty excitable, so let’s quote at length:

Forget jumpsuits, Studio 54 and John Travolta. The true heart of disco is deeper, and James Murphy and Pat Mahoney want to take you directly into it …The project is an extension of their hush-hush, roof-shaking parties that, in the past have taken place at NYC’s APT and currently resides at NYC’s Santos.

“People hear that word disco, and they see bellbottoms and ‘That ’70s Show.’ No, no, no,” says Murphy. “This is real liberation music for people who know where to go. This is the real deal.”

SDV’s disco is The Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancin’,” but not the original: The unreleased dub version. It’s not Studio 54: It’s The Loft, a NYC venue open at the same time, where the music was so much the focus that DJ David Mancuso would let songs finish in silence, rather than mix them into each other, so each could be appreciated on its own. It’s Francis Grasso, the New York DJ who would blend Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin during marathon, 12-hour sets, and reportedly lived in his DJ booth at West Side club Salvation. “How punk rock is that?” says Murphy.

Very. The dates:

08/07 – San Francisco @ Mighty
08/08 – Vancouver @ Celebrities Club
08/09 – Los Angeles @ 647 Lamar St.
08/10 – Los Angeles @ Roosevelt Hotel
08/13 – New York @ Santos
08/14 – Chicago @ Smart Bar
08/15 – Montreal @ Coda
08/16 – Toronto @ Wrong Bar
08/22 – London @ Fabric %
08/23 – Brighton @ Beachdown Festival %
08/24 – Birmingham @ Custard Factory %
08/27 – New York @ Santos #
09/10 – New York @ Santos
09/18 – Lisbon @ Lux $
09/19 – London @ Fabric $
09/20 – Glasglow @ Better Days $
09/24 – New York @ Santos #
10/03 – Rio de Janiero
10/08 – New York @ Santos
10/10 – Seoul
10/11 – Tokyo
10/22 – New York @ Santos #
10/25 – London

% w/ Pat Only
$ w/ James Only
# w/ Tim Sweeney/Beats In Space and special guests

Some gaps still to fill, obviously. Note: The tour gets its name for those “Special Disco Version”‘s of tracks back in the day, the stuff Murphy was digging into when he started up DFA, etc. Anyhow, should be a lot of fun, Hercules.