Watch Beck Cover Bowie’s “Sound And Vision” With A 167-Piece Orchestra

There is so much going on here, I can hardly wrap my head around the whole thing. Beck and 160+ musicians have recorded a new, multi-instrument, yodel-filled version of David Bowie’s “Sound And Vision.” The cover has moments of awesomeness and “wow” but also feels like a scene in that episode of 30 Rock when Tracy Jordan decides that to make the most perfect song, you have to combine all the most popular genres of music. Messy. But what is most confounding about this — aside from Beck’s sequined blazer — is why this exists at all. This wasn’t a thing that Beck just wanted to do. He was enlisted by Ford as sort of a spokesperson for the revamped version of their Lincoln MKZ. The whole point of it is that Lincoln is innovating a classic and so is Beck with this fully immersive video experience that you will eventually be able to watch through different lenses and at different angles on their website. Watch the video below and help me figure out if this is all an elaborate plot to get Lincolns to be more than just the car associated with cab services.

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