Tyler, The Creator – “Domo 23″ Video

I’ve given Odd Future a lot of leeway in the past. The blood-gargling sexual violence of their early records felt like intentional transgression and felt like a slap in the face, so even though it was wildly disturbing, it didn’t turn me off from their music. Likewise the homophobia and the bad design decisions and the terrible Adult Swim show. But when they start messing with the hallowed American tradition known as professional wrestling, that’s where I draw the line.

Tyler, The Creator’s new self-directed video for “Domo 23,” the new single from his forthcoming album Wolf, has Tyler and Domo Genesis playing wrestlers, Earl Sweatshirt playing the ref, and assorted extended Odd Future fam playing the audience. And it’s like: Pro wrestling has rules, Tyler! You can’t just start a match with one guy and then have a gigantic fat luchador take over as your opponent, at least if it’s not a tag team match! You don’t put a stool in the corner of the ring; that’s boxing! The ref doesn’t dance with the winner at the end of the match, Earl! And what, you couldn’t have one actual pro wrestler on set to teach you guys how to fall down right and to successfully apply a Boston crab? Ugh. Anyway. The video is no “Yonkers,” but you can watch it below.

Wolf is out 4/2 on Odd Future Records. And other than the table bump, the best wrestling moment is probably Domo’s pre-match promo. If, say, Ezekiel Jackson or Justin Gabriel were to hype his matches by yelling “I’m nasty!” a bunch of times on the way in, it might actually help his career.