Eels, Nicole Atkins @ Observatory, Santa Ana 2/14/13

Love was in the air as Eels kicked off their tour in Santa Ana at the Observatory in support of their new album Wonderful, Glorious. With a nod to Run-DMC and Wes Anderson, Eels rocked their Adidas jumpsuits for a twenty-four song set that featured the band coming back out once the house lights had already been turned on and roadies were tearing down the stage. Nicole Atkins provided support with an assortment of soulful tunes. Check out the photos in the gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “Bombs Away”
02 “Kinda Fuzzy”
03 “Dog Faced Boy”
04 “Oh Well”
05 “Tremendous Dynamite”
06 “Accident Prone”
07 “On The Ropes”
08 “Dirty Girl”
09 “Flower”
10 “Peach Blossom”
11 “Trouble With Dreams”
12 “The Turnaround”
13 “New Alphabet”
14 “Fresh Feeling”
15 “The Sound Of Fear”
16 “Itchycoo Park”
17 “Souljacker Part 1″
18 “Wonderful, Glorious”
19 “I’m Your Brave Little Soldier”
20 “That Look You Give That Guy”
21 “My Beloved Monster / Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues”
22 “Fresh Blood”
23 “I’m Building A Shrine”
24 “Stick Together”