New Germs Biopic Includes Fake Blood, Breakaway Glass

As anyone who’s listened to the music, done their Darby Crash research (he killed himself the night before Lennon was shot), watched The Decline of Western Civilization, or read Lexicon Devil knows, the Germs didn’t fuck around. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how the L.A. punk band’s attitude and energy translates to the big screen in What We Do Is Secret. Judging from the trailer at least, we’ll get a ton of broken glass, some fake blood, a few poignant moments, and a guy with a strange Rodney Bingenheimer wig. If you changed the country, the wardrobe, and the vocalist’s approach to self-destruction, it could very well be Control. Watch:

Surprise, the Germs have actually gotten back together with Shane West, who plays Crash in the film, as their new singer. Holy INXS: Rock Star. Best of luck and all, but something (common sense?) tells me they won’t have the same visceral impact as the original Germs, regardless of how well Pat Smear and Lorna Doom have held up. No comment on Don Bolles.

What We Do Is Secret premieres in NYC on 8/8, 8/15 in Chicago and Pittsburgh, and 8/22 in L.A. You can read up on further dates and the reunited Germs Warped Tour dates (for real) at the film’s official site.

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