Rilo Kiley – “Let Me Back In”

Rilo Kiley’s breakup seemed pretty acrimonious, so it’s no surprise the band isn’t getting back together anytime soon, but a couple weeks ago, they did announce the forthcoming release of a new rarities collection called RKives. Today the band has released a teaser: RKives’ leadoff track, “Let Me Back In,” a soulful, torchy country ballad. The track has been with Rilo Kiley for years, previously known as “I Love L.A.” The title was presumably changed to avoid confusing this song with Randy Newman’s ingratiating pop classic of the same name. The band, such as it is (can we really call it a band if they’re totally estranged?), is also asking fans to contribute to the song’s video by uploading video content of their own. Get the video details here and check out the song at Spin.

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