Eluvium – “Don’t Get Any Closer”

It’s hard to believe that this spring it will have been 10 years since we were introduced to the achingly beautiful music of Matthew Cooper through the ambient classic Lambent Material, his debut as Eluvium. While some might think of ambient music as something to put you into a trance, Eluvium’s music has always felt deeply sobering. Cooper changed his approach over the years, such as the solo piano album An Accidental Memory In Case Of Death, and the most recent Similes, where he incorporated vocals for the first time, but his new work seems back to basics. The 9-minute “Don’t Get Any Closer” is the first song from Cooper’s anticipated double-album Nightmare Ending, and it finds him working in a form he’s truly mastered over the last decade. The spacious track shyly builds these disparate elements, a faint guitar strum, some simple piano chords, an organ drone, until over halfway in when one final element ties everything together in a sudden, stunning climax. Give it a listen below.

(Via P4K)

Nightmare Ending is out 5/14 on Temporary Residence