The ‘Gum Drop XLIX: Hear New Jeff Hanson, Win A Joy Division Zune

Jeff Hanson’s third album Madam Owl comes out on Kill Rock Stars in a couple weeks (8/19), but the gorgeous, soaring, stringed opener “Night” debuted in this week’s Drop. Like the rest of the collection, it mixes Hanson’s unmistakable falsetto with a baroque, inventive instrumentation that recalls Jeremy Enigk’s Return of the Frog Queen and then moves into its own world entirely. We asked Hanson about what goes on at “Night.” Read his responses and listen to the track here.

That is correct, a Joy Division Zune, designed by Peter Saville, and emblazoned with his Unknown Pleasures artwork. Only 500 were made, to commemorate the release of the Joy Division documentary. Don’t know it? No worries: The film will come pre-loaded on the custom black Zune 80 player. We have one to give away:

You can find out more about the Joy Division Zune here. And for more info on Zune in general, head to the official site. Just don’t get over-excited and have the logo tattooed onto your body. Though, if you want to be accurate, this is what it looks like:

One winner gets one Zune. Sign up to win here. There’s also still time to win the pair of limited-edition Ray-Ban aviators, but you need to enter first.