Watch Fred Armisen, Marnie Stern, Tim Harrington Et Al Cover TLC @ Bowery Ballroom

Last night, SNL/Portlandia’s Fred Armisen played a solo show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. He was joined by a grip of friends, including Marnie Stern, Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, and Leigh Nash, among others. Dressed in white jumpsuits, the crew did a cover of seminal TLC hit “Waterfalls.” In theory, this is something that could be really cool — a bunch of very talented people all get together to perform one of the most beloved songs of the past 25 years. This sort of gives me the willies, though, as it feels like a college jam band fooling around. I don’t doubt that all the performers have love for the track, but something about granola-y guitar doesn’t quite line-up with what I love about Organized Noize’s original production. But, I am also very pro-having fun. Everyone looks like they’re having the best time and that’s definitely all that matters. Check it out for yourself below.