Mark Hoppus Was, Like, A GOD

The news of Blink-182’s split hit us like a wet towel in a middle school locker room. OK, not really. We never cared about Blink-182. But the silly punk-pop trio has PLENTY of fans, and some of the reactions at are too funny to ignore. Here’s one:

2/23/2005 2:09:31 PM – by MalLovEsBlinK

Ummm i think i deffinately cried whenn like a million IMs popped up on my screen about blink breaken upp .. im hearin its juss a break noww to spend time with their loved ones .. no offense BUT WE ARE THEIR LOVED ONES .. i dunno man all i kno is if blink doesnt return very so0n their gonna ruin a lil peice of all of uss .. uhhh my finall sign outt statment iss tom delonge is sooo hott lol i lovee his talented ass .. FROM THE NUMBBBA 2 BLINK FAN .. MALARIE =)

Whoa. Malarie we feel your pain, but it sounds like you’re experiencing denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance all at the same time. Slowwwww dowwwwwn, kiddo! Sum 41 will be out with a new album before ya know it! :)

Check out the official Blink-182 message board for more unintentional hilarity. Copy & paste your favorite eulogies in the comments.

Credit for this post goes to Brian at Best Week Ever (they’re thinking about doing dramatic readings of fan comments on this week’s show).