Kool A.D. – “Moneyball” Video

Former Das Racist member Kool A.D. has a couple of new mixtapes out, 63 and 19. In support of 63, he has released this video for “Moneyball,” following the “Eroika” video released last month. The new video finds Kool A.D. dressed as a religious leader of sorts, surrounded by all sorts of extravagances; in one scene, he’s laying in a bathtub filled with fruit and flowers. It’s an interesting juxtaposition with the lyrical content of the song. The track is quick, but Kool A.D. says a lot in two minutes; particularly memorable is the last verse, where he makes some thought-provoking comments on the complexities of consumerism: “Shit, my jeans were probably made up in the Philippines / by a little kid who would kill to live as ill as me or some shit,” he raps. “Man I’m dumb, I don’t read enough / Some don’t eat enough / Food should be free, what up / It used to be, when it was growin’ on the trees and stuff.” Rad.

Both of Kool A.D.’s recent tapes are named after AC Transit bus lines, which Kool AD talked to the Fader about last month. Check out the video below, and read on for what Kool AD had to say about his recent mixtapes.

Kool AD told The Fader:

“I was born in San Francisco, stayed in Potrero Hill and Hunters Point, then Alameda in the East Bay. After I went to college, my parents moved to Oakland. I went to high school in Alameda. 63 is mostly Alameda, 19 is actually Alameda to right around here my parents live now, in West Oakland. I think the 19 might be the 12 now, and the 63 I think is still the 63, but it might be running limited. They’re not accurate bus lines anymore, more like memories. I wanted to name the tapes something nostalgically Bay Area, specific to my experience.”

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