Young Dreams – “First Days of Something” Video

Norway’s Young Dreams are set to release their debut full-length Between Places on Modular early next month. This is the third video from that platter, and the third directed by Kristoffer Borgli. Here on “First Days Of Something,” Young Dreams give Borgli more latitude to delve into directorial short-filmic mode, to very good results: The thesis for the piece comes from the main character, newly single, in a sort of voice-over interview about halfway through: “I feel like if I listen to (this song) everyday, it’ll connect the song to how I’m feeling just to get it in there, stuck in my brain, as a source of inspiration in years to come.” And so we hear “First Days”‘ Afro-pop-infused Fleet Foxes melodicism up close, but also as background, as our dude makes his way around Oslo, lonely at art galleries, lonely at parties, lonely while in his underwear with someone new, all the while starting and stopping and listening to and talking over Young Dreams. It’s a pretty ode to music’s power, and to its limitations. Also the main character busts into Vigeland Park and takes a photo of the same sculpture (out of hundreds) I did for my report on Oslo’s by:Larm festival (where Young Dreams were great), so clearly we are connected. Watch:

Between Places is out 3/5 via Modular.