Sunny Ali And The Kid – “High Treason” Video

Last we heard from former member of brotherly trio PO PO Hassan Ali Malik’s new band Sunny Ali And The Kid, Amrit pointed out that their track “Chai” was an exercise in Malik finding a voice separate from his that of his brothers’, dropping “the country affectation in favor of PO PO’s seamless stitching of Asian subcontinental melodic motifs.” With “High Treason,” however, we see its sonic opposite. Here, simple percussion and monochromatic guitar riffs that only slightly peak and valley lull you into the most pleasant state of alt-country hypnosis. A much quieter thing than “Chai” but in no way less engaging. And the video, which was filmed at Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie, keeps you locked in, as well, watching the duo perform while you acting as a totally-PG-voyeur to Date Night At The Honkey Tonk Bar. Check it out below.