New From Merge Records

At the risk of turning into a Merge fansite, Stereogum recommends you stream both Crooked Fingers’ Dignity And Shame and M. Ward’s Transistor Radio today. Ward is hushed where Fingers get rollicking, but both tread that familiar barroom Americana Ryan Adams used to be so good at. Surely all you Conor Oberst fans need something new to listen to! (FYI – the first cut M. Ward’s disc is a cool, fingerpicked version of “You Still Believe In Me” from Pet Sounds.)

Crooked Fingers Jukebox | M. Ward Jukebox

Speaking of Merge, click here to see the video for Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” Takes a while to load, so I’ll give you the heads up that it’s just live footage synched with the album track. Hopefully this doesn’t preclude a proper video for “Power Out,” which my inner A&R rep was hoping as the first single (do they play Arcade Fire on commercial radio?). To the creative types: Pitch your treatment for a big-budget Arcade Fire video in the comments!