Jahan Lennon – “Can’t Ruin My Fun” Video

90s revivalism is alive and well, for sure, but Jahan Lennon — who is Zeb from PO PO; it is definitely Malik Brothers week at Stereogum — is taking it to another level with his MTV Desi-produced video for “Cant Ruin My Fun.” Dressed as a Hot Topic kid of the highest rank, Lennon runs around Time Square shilling Bollywood bootleg DVDs and hangs out with other Club Kid-looking friends in dark alleys. What separates Lennon from the rest of the nostalgia-proliferators is that his sound is not gleaned from grunge, but from the LENs and the Babysitters Club soundtrack one-offs. It is, however, a lot more rough around the edges and packs a gritty punch lyrically, even when he’s referencing Korn songs (but that’s just more bang for your 90s memories buck!). Check out the video and stream the entire Can’t Ruin My Fun — released by Mad Decent freebie label Jeffries — below.

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