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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

There were too many music videos this week. I had to devote a huge chunk to yesterday afternoon just watching all the ones I’d missed. And worse, there were too many good ones. How is anyone supposed to process all these entertaining music videos? It’s fucked up. When a K-pop boy band makes a music video that ends with a bloody subway-station shootout and it’s not my favorite music video of the week, you know things are getting out of control.

5. Trinidad James – “All Gold Everything Remix” (Feat. T.I., Young Jeezy & 2 Chainz) (Dir. Motion Family)

You could argue that this is just a standard rap video, and you’d be right in a lot of ways, even if the rappers involved are some of the most charismatic we’ve got. But really, this one makes the list just because 2 Chainz has raised the art of rap flossing to unprecedented new levels, looking like the futurisitic evolutionary version of peak-era Slick Rick, if he became a robotic Predator and started wearing, like, iced-out elbow pads. Anyone willing and able to leave the house looking like that deserves our respect forever.

4. Matt & Kim – “It’s Alright” (Dir. Matt Johnson & Jacob Lincoln)

There can be a little bit of a forced-fun vibe to Matt & Kim’s entire on-video presentation; they might’ve made one of the best “Harlem Shake” videos ever, but they still make a fucking “Harlem Shake” video. Still, they absolutely commit to their fearsomely goofy ideas, and I can’t help but respect the level of work that went into even something as knowingly twee as this. If someone described the video to me, I would probably groan, but watching it, I was absolutely entertained.

3. David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” (NSFW) (Dir. Floria Sigismondi)

This one is all obfuscation and association and memory-play: Characters who look weirdly like each other, doing weird things to each other, possibly not understanding what’s going on. We, the viewers, aren’t really allowed a chance to figure anything out. But it’s funny, too! That bit with Tilda Swinton, hair blown up, at the dinner table reminds me of the “Day-O” scene from Beetlejuice.

2. B.A.P. – “One Shot” (Dir. Hong Won Ki)

The subway shootout is great. The Savages ripoff is great. The alternate ending where there isn’t a subway shootout is great. The way everyone swaggers into the subway station is great. The idea that criminals would ever dress like this is great. But for my money, the best moment of the entire video is the one where one guys does the reverse-worm so hard the ground shakes.

1. Atoms For Peace – “Ingenue” (Dir. Garth Jennings)

Until I learn otherwise, I’m just going to assume that Thom Yorke never stands still, that he’s just constantly dancing like this whenever he’s awake.