New XYZ Affair Video – “Evening Life”

Following up a viral smash for a first video is no simple task. Particularly when your first one hit all the right notes (and grabbed all the right Nickelodeon all-stars). For the XYZ Affair, the obvious answer was to make like the Temptations and strut. The Brooklyn band Dropped a new single on us two weeks ago with “Evening Life,” an ode to reconciling Minor Threat-inspired adolescence with getting older and wiping the X off the hand. It’s a standout from the band’s new Trials EP, although honestly we didn’t really hear the potential for choreographed pop locking and Temptation Walking. Clearly we have no imagination.

There’s just no longer a good reason to skip summer time parties when you have those tricks up your sleeve. When asked for the story, lead XYZer Alex Feder offered:

The initial inspiration for the video is supposed to be this. Replace them with four white stiff dudes and there ya have it!

You can download the track here, and stream the entire EP with this click.