I Can’t Believe I Watched The Whole Thing

Lindsay, Alex, Eric and I watched the Oscars, fast-forwarding through the boring parts (though the whole thing was pretty boring, obvs). We paused during the Technical Achievement montage to get a better look at Scarlett Johansson’s junk in the trunk, but it ended up being part of the podium. Also, Lindsay called someone “gummy” (adj. having a lot of gums). Those were the highlights from my end. Check out these photos from AP and you do your post-show watercooler thing in the comments.


Oh, and this guy.

Here’s a list of every Academy Award winner for Best Song. A handy resource if you’re looking to make the Worst Mix Ever.

Of course I had to find some way to work Paris Hilton into this post. Here she is with boyfriend Paris (wtf?) at Elton John’s Oscar party. (Thanks Jesse for the link.)

UPDATE: Watch Chris Rock’s Q&A with real moviegoers. White Chicks wuz robbed!