Watch D’Angelo Play Brooklyn Bowl

Grumble, grumble, grumble. Last night, while a tons of my colleagues were headed to Brooklyn Bowl to see Questlove and D’Angelo perform together as the Soulquarians, I was in a Hell’s Kitchen surf bar with two of my friends working through our FOMO and reminiscing about D’Angelo’s performance at last summer’s Made In America Festival. We grew up old enough to remember seeing the “Brown Sugar” video for the first time, but too young to get to see the elusive performer live. After Voodoo and the legions of trouble he had gotten himself into over the years, it seemed like the singer would be someone who was only a part of our youth-nostalgia with two near-perfect albums under his belt, and a legacy marred by transgression. But then in early 2012, he reemerged and he was healthy and performing with aplomb. Okayplayer cut together a mix of his comeback performances in Europe and an incredible GQ feature beguiled and gave hope to fans. D’Angelo’s appearance at Made In America wowed me and the two aforementioned friends not only because he interpolated Dilla, performed a rich version of “S.D.M.,” or kicked his entire band off stage so he could perform “Untitled” alone, behind the piano, smoking a Newport 100 but because we finally felt like we got to experience we were afraid we’d never see. With that in mind, I stopped snarling over my Twitter timeline because I know how it feels — sorry — to finally get to see the man in person. And I take solace in the fact that there will be other opportunities in the future, as Questlove got D to confirm that his new album is almost done. Check out a 7-minute clip of the performance below.