Just Can’t Get Enough New Wave Hits Of The ’80s: The Commercials

I got all excited when I heard a new Squeeze remix on the TV, but then I did some research and discovered it’s not an official release.

In the commercial for Under Armour Performance Apparel that premiered Sunday, Olympic Gold Medallist Heather Mitts runs through the streets of Baltimore to an exclusive remix of Squeeze’s bouncy 1982 gem “Goodbye Girl.” Lyrics on the re-recorded track were crafted specifically for the commercial.

Stereogum is ALL FOR new wave bands making some $ by selling tunes to commercials, but please don’t change the lyrics. I don’t wanna hear Squeeze sing about women’s athletic clothes, and I don’t wanna hear Devo sing about Swiffers.

Anyway, here’s the original:
Squeeze – “Goodbye Girl”

As always, Glenn Tilbrook is touring, so check him out. He’s really great live and plays lots of Squeeze songs. And pick up Play, the most underrated pop album of the ’90s.

And if anyone’s dying to hear “Whip It” this blustery first morning of March, go here. It’s amazing how easily you can find mp3s on the Internets.