Sound City Players – “Mantra” (Feat. Josh Homme And Trent Reznor)

Both Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor will appear on the new Queens Of The Stone Age album (which at this point rivals “We Are The World” for guest personnel), but before that one drops, Queens frontman Josh Homme and Reznor are contributing to Grohl’s new Sound City Players LP (which makes the forthcoming QOTSA album look like the lonely work of a one-man black metal isolationist by comparison). “Mantra” closes out the new SCP album, and it does a surprisingly good job of featuring all three of its stars: Grohl delivers the primary vocal, but by song’s end, Reznor has grabbed the mic, while Homme delivers harmonies and guitar work throughout. It is a very subdued, gently textured piece of music, considering the resumes of the three men involved, although it more closely resembles Reznor’s recent work with How to destroy angels_ than it does Foo Fighters or QOTSA. Pretty hard to find flaws with the talent in this room, even though I think it’ll be put to better use when Homme is the bandleader. Listen.