Psychic Twin – “Strangers” Video

The video for Psychic Twin’s “Strangers” is weirdly the visual manifestation of both the band’s name and the song’s title. The video initially starts out with a double image of singer Erin Fein, one in a hazed-over natural state and the other a piecemeal rainbow girl following the “real” Fein’s movements. As the video continues, the rainbow Fein — the stranger — turns into a carbon copy of the seemingly human version. The dance-mimesis remains, but since they are both visually the same, it evolves from a stranger into the psychic twin. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this corporeal vision, but it’s a nice hazy clip for the ethereal track. Check it out below.

(via the FADER)

“Strangers” is out digitally and on white vinyl 7″ on 4/2 via Polyvinyl. Preorder here.

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