“Sometimes I Feel / Like I’ve Lost My Own Soul”

Please tell me someone else saw The Osbournes last night. I know, I thought that series was over too! It’s not. In last night’s episode we met Laura, an Osbourne “#1 Fan” who put $20k on her credit card in order to win a day with the family in a charity auction. Anyway, I’ll just give you the description from MTV.com:

Laura is really into Ozzie, and tells him that they’ve met before at one of his shows. They hug, but Ozzie is quick to flee. Kelly is not too happy to hear that they have a stranger staying in their house. “For all we know this person could kill us in our sleep,” she says. Later that day, Laura sits down for a heart-to-heart with Sharon and Kelly and serenades then with a song she has written, followed by her best imitation of a death metal scream. … After spending the night at the house, Laura gets to take a tour of Ozzie’s studio. She marvels at all the records on the walls, and can’t pass up the opportunity to test out Ozzie’s drum set. She rocks out while singing her ballad yet again. Sharon is having second thoughts about making Laura pay the $20,000 for the trip, feeling bad that she has had to go into debt to afford it. Before Laura departs, the whole family gathers in the studio and listens to her sing for them one last time. She is too nervous in front of Ozzie to remember the words. All in all, Laura feels that the trip was amazing and can’t wait to see the gang again. In her opinion, it was “the best day ever.”

More like Best Song Ever!! (By “best” I mean “worst.”)

Wow. I hope she starts a blog with streaming MP3s.

Also in this episode: Ozzy tries Google, but gives up after he can’t use a mouse.