Best Coast – “Crying” (Roy Orbison Cover) (Feat. Snacks The Cat)

Bethany Cosentino, I feel like you are trolling me by covering this guttural, deeply emotional Roy Orbison song “Crying” and sticking your cat on it, as well. Not to get Grandma Claire on you guys, but Orbison made some of my favorite music. A lot of it I love because it brings me back to weekday family dinners that were soundtracked by him and a grip of other Mama Lobenfeld-approved tunes — my dad was the first dude to play David Bowie on American radio; my mom cannot carry the tune to “Happy Birthday,” so we had to go for middle ground at the table — and his were always the ones I found most engaging. But it’s not just that Cosentino has gone full-blown “Sun Was High”-style gritty, bedroom Best Coast recording for this cover, it’s that there’s a guest appearance from the Crazy For You cover star, Snacks The Cat. While she’s not the first to feature a pet on a track — I see you, Lil B — the little mews at the end of the recording are very sweet, totally in line with the kind gruff but girly thing Cosentino does so well, and have totally hooked me. Check it out below.

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