Joanna Newsom – “The North Star Grassman And The Ravens” (Sandy Denny Cover) Video

The newly engaged Joanna Newsom hasn’t given us a whole ton of new music since the Have One On Me motherlode a couple of years ago, but she recently hit the studio to record a cover of Sandy Denny’s 1971 folk song “The North Star Grassman And The Ravens.” Given its vintage, the song sadly is not about the 2013 champion Baltimore Ravens, but it’s a simple, spare, harp-and-voice track, and it is beautiful. Newsom recorded the song for the L.A. fashion line Wren, and she also wears Wren’s clothes and co-stars with an owl in the song’s ethereal new video, which you can watch below.

So how many times do you think Joanna Newsom and Justin Timberlake has hung out? Probably at least, like, five times, right?