New Jenny Lewis – “Acid Tongue” & Acid Tongue Album Art

Welcome to the post where we finally give you guys Jenny Lewis’s phone number. Oh, hi Google.

It’s in the same way we gave you Arcade Fire’s phone number, though. (Remember 866-NEON-BIBLE, back when it streamed “Intervention” and didn’t lead to a chat with Will Butler? It’s like that.) Jenny’s next record, the one with all the guests (Elvis Costello, She, Him, Chris Robinson, Johnathan Rice, etc.), has its own hotline and if you CALL NOW you can hear its dusty ballad title track. It’s vocals and guitar, there’s a nice group harmony on the chorus which may account for more than a few of those fancy cameo names, and there’s some Rabbit Fur Coat style twang creeping at the corners of Lewis’s lips. “Acid Tongue”‘s pretty, and also it’s not about how Jenny is the best at chewing people out; it’s more about tripping in Dixie. Here’s the trailer where she introduces the phone number with a xylophone guy, because xylophone guys are quirky.

If you don’t feel like calling, here’s a live version.

Acid Tongue is out 9/23 on Warner. The cover: a full sheet of blotter paper with Jenny LSD faces. Goes well with OJ.

UPDATE: Jenny Lewis – “Acid Tongue” (MP3)

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