Danny Brown – “Kush Coma” (Prod. by Skywlkr)

Without even listening to it, you know Danny Brown’s “Kush Coma” is a song about weed — and not just weed, but smoking to the point of incapacitation. But for a song about getting nihilistically high, there’s a lot of care put into flow and vocal melody. One of the best things about Danny is that you can tell that a lot of what he does as an artist is very protracted. When he tweeted, “cant wait to perform this and have the whole crowd singing the hook thats gonna be wavy,” I don’t think he’s referring to the ethereal, pothead choral performed by fellow Bruiser Zeelooperz punctuating the track. Rather, it’s the jawful about being the last guy in the cypher as he is slowly fading into a green-colored catatonia. It’s also why the Zeelooperz bit is so perfectly placed — the Skywlkr beat sounds like you’re taking a jetpack into oblivion and once you’ve fully ascended, you are completely immersed in the white light. The track comes from Brown’s upcoming album Old, which he is setting out on tour to support with Kitty. Check out this version of “Kush Coma” below. The album version will feature a contribution from A$AP Rocky.

Old is slated for release in August via Fool’s Gold.