Kakkmaddafakka – “Bill Clinton”

Norwegian indie rockers Kakkmaddafakka are a cheeky lot (say their name out loud and that characteristic is pretty clear). With “Bill Clinton,” the band hits on — no pun intended — transforming from a shy guy into an unattainable heartthrob. Playing hard to get means no guestlist or VIP at their shows, no visits to the DJ both when the singer is spinning, and the like. It makes me wonder what the overseas impression is of Bill Clinton, though, because while the President was certainly a lothario, it didn’t seem like it was very to difficult to, um, get to know him. What is totally spot-on with this is that the band used clips from Michael Cera-goes-bad-ass flick Youth In Revolt to illustrate the point. Check out the Erlend Øye-produced track below.