Watch Glee Cover Radiohead’s “Creep”

In its two decades of existence, “Creep,” the anthem of disconnect that introduced Radiohead to the world, has endured all manner of covers. Prince sang it at Coachella, Korn sang it on MTV Unplugged, you probably sang it when Rock Band 3 included it, and I can vividly remember an entire mob of eighth graders attempting the big falsetto finish when the song was having its radio-dominating moment. But “Creep” might just now be in its silliest iteration, as two of the leads from Fox’s high-school musical Glee have used the song to express their deepest feelings, or whatever. Below, watch Lea Michele and Dean Geyer wailing the song on last night’s episode; bonus points for actually running during the “run, run, ruuuun” finale.

(via SPIN)

Ooh! Do “Like Spinning Plates” next!

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