Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

If you visited here Wednesday afternoon you saw all the post copy on the site replaced with 0s. That was not intentional. It was a malware attack. We’ve since fixed it, but had to disable comment voting (the plugin has known vulnerabilities we need to patch up). So this week’s Shut Up, Dude rankings are based on scores earned Friday to Wednesday. Better than no Shut Up, Dude. Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a few days. Thanks for bearing with us. Here are this weeks winners and losers, pretty much…


#10 mastur splinturd | Mar 15th Score:18

Oh god, here come the Weezy haters. It’s debatable whether Wayne was the best rapper of his generation, but he’s changed the rap game in undeniable ways. He really was the biggest reason mixtapes have become so popular, and certainly the first to prove that mixtape hype could translate into sales for the studio album he was trying to promote.
Also, for that stretch from Carter 2 to Carter 3 he was one of the best rappers in the world, and even in the Hot Boys he was pretty great.

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#9 johnnyfuckhead | Mar 15th Score:18

I thought the Joey Fatone comment was funny.

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Billy Marcinkevich | Mar 18th Score:21

Amen for the shout out to Kings of Leon’s first two!

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#7 rubberjohnny0829 | Mar 18th Score:21

they’re not vampires man. they’re people. you really think vampires could be out in the day all the time? i’m pretty sure i’ve seen vids of them in the daytime so they def can’t be vampires. bet you think all vamps are like the ones from twilight lol. if they were really vamps they wouldn’t sparkle, they’d die so they’re def not vampires. pretty sure they’re people. i think they just call the band vampire weekend, but I guess it could mean they’re vampires. if they were though, i don’t think they could go out in the daytime though cause vamps usually can’t do that. so pretty much, i don’t really think they are really vampires.

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Matthew Hadley | Mar 18th Score:21

Well, these songs are both fantastic. Looks like Vampire Weekend will be 3 for 3 in terms of albums.

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Nick Burica | Mar 18th Score:21

a quasi career 180 that isn’t bad or what I’d like to call not “pop etc’ing”.

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#4 crania americana | Mar 18th Score:23

Wait… how can something be too Footloose? If anything, everything needs to be more Footloosey.

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Mitch Park | Mar 18th Score:27

I didn’t get the Angles hate. I legitimately loved half of the tracks on that album.

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#2 donnytilla | Mar 19th Score:28

WHOOOOOO if it’s gonna be that kinda party, i can’t HELP but stick my donny in the mashed pa’tay-tas.

Well, you did it again K-brobro. Last week’s poem was going to be my goodbye kiss kiss to commenting but, as they say, “you can’t keep the ‘rrhea from the call of the bowl.” missed u all.

I….. I just…… you guys. Full disclosure: strokes are one of, if not THE favourite band of papa tilla over the ’00?s. So, I’m biased. But, full disclosure, I am not a robot.

Let me tell you a story. So doubledonnyD decided to put some room on fire on in the muthafuxxin whip today. Wow, what a blast from the past. Really missed it. But you know what, found myself blowin right through the middle third (OBVS THATS WHAT SHE SAID. OBVS.). You talk 2 mush, b/w luv n’ hate, meet me in the b-room – I’m skipping those shits most times. Why? idk. I love them, but the other licks are too good to deny when I know they’re only a click away. I love ROF though, so what does this mean? It means that sometimes the major hitters take away from the quiet guys, and that’s okay. sidenote, ROF is my second fav strokes album (OBVS) HOWEVER, I think the major players are better or at least more fun than a lot of is this it – I said it. I stand by it. Is this it being my fav as well.

Now, FIOE was the epitome of skipping the hell out of most of it for the hits. I haven’t even heard half of that album and I own it. I can’t even name the tracklist. It’s like the maladroit to my blue album and pinkerton. true say. It’s like, “yeah, I’ll listen to ‘Slob,’ I’ll listen to ‘Fall Together,’ uuuhhhh maybe ‘keep fishin,’ but the rest of those shits are like brown on a toilet seat” = They’re there and I’m not about to touch them.

Now angles was like a angel to me. I still think that’s a pretty solid album, especially considering the well-known clusterturd that surrounded it’s creation and the aftermath. I listen to move of those jams, and on the regular. Some solid licks, a new direction. Definitely dece.

So when one way trigger came out, my one way trigger came out. literally. I just was excited guys. It was the blend of everything I had ever wanted. All the Time I thought was junk until this week – now I give it the love it truly deserves. But I was nervous. Like, real nervous. I’m so goddamn excited about this album. Honestly I’m too pantaloon jazzed right now to give an honest opinion but I’m crazy out of control right now with comparisons to past work. First off, it’s just so much more interesting than past output, but not like the red album trainwreck barnyard AWFULNESS. No, it’s different while pulling together all of the best features of their past work. Every song has some switch up that makes me go “oh, that’s your girl? do it. do it. boi” but like in the best way possible. This is just a fucking JOY of an album to listen to. I can’t pick out a favourite yet but these guys must have licks and choruses coming out of their backdoors and fallin right into the pot. I could listen to a million of this kind of strokes album. U2 and shit, but not awful. The problem is going to be the reviews. Sheffeld must have IBS or something because that review made no sense. How can you fault a band for moving into new territory and knocking that shit out of the park? I don’t want another is this it. God no. This is where these Ma’s should be. P4k is going to tear it apart. Those assholes didn’t even review all the time. But, that’s fine with papa D. They don’t run the world. Girls.

Wait, what?

tl;dr fuck p4k for saying these guys should break up in the angels review. SUCH a stereotyp’ p4k move.

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Levi Simpson Jones | Mar 16th Score:28

Another Morrissey cancellation and another _Michael departure.

*Old Man River plays gently in the background*

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Mitch Park | Mar 18th Score:-10

This will be a commercial and critical trainwreck. Just a mess of an album.

“All the Time” and “Welcome to Japan” are both quite good though.

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Davey Pants | Mar 18th Score:-11

why’d don’t you post some songs/youtube clips to PULL the people in to the subject? i have no idea who this guy is but i was already to press PLAY and learn.

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Michael Hanna | Mar 17th Score:-13

Oh my God, another pop post? Save it.

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Richard Kuta | Mar 18th Score:-14

…and Im done with The Strokes. On the plus side, Angles is no longer their worst album.

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Jason Greene | Mar 15th Score:-14

Yeah it must suck having to play music for a job at a popular venue and gaining press. Waaaaa.

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